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Agulhas National Park Accommodation, Availability and Prices

Rest camps, cottages, guest houses and more; Agulhas National Park is certainly able to provide guests with a wide range of affordable accommodation options to ensure that anyone staying here is comfortable. As with any trip to any of South Africa’s many parks, it is important that you plan your stay carefully, taking the weather into consideration.

Here are some of the accommodation options you can look at:


Agulhas Rest Camp

Agulhas National Park, SOUTH AFRICA

As the parks official camp, this is the place that most guests will choose to stay in. The camp is on the smaller side and it is situated around 10.3 km from the famous Cape Agulhas Lighthouse.

The camps location has to do with the environmental standards as well as the do no harm to the environment policy that has been adopted by the camp to limit disturbance to the natural environment.


There are chalets available as well as the Lagoon House. All of the accommodation is serviced on a daily basis, however guests are responsible for washing their own dishes. Bedding and towels are provided.

Guests will need to collect their accommodation keys from reception and they will also need to return the keys before they leave. Reception is at 214 Main Road.

There are 5 family units available, and each has 2 bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms with a bath and a shower, limited DSTV channels, and a fully equipped open kitchen with a toaster, two-plate stove, fridge, cutlery, crockery, and kettle. One of the units is adapted for those with limited mobility.

There is a further 10 single units with one bedroom each. These units have an open plan kitchen, a lounge, bathroom and limited DSTV. New chalets have been added, along with one family cottage. The new single units can accommodate two sleepers while the cottage is ideal for a group of 4.


Rhenosterkop Rest Camp

Agulhas National Park, SOUTH AFRICA

Consisting of a number of cottages, this accommodation can be found on one of the oldest farms of the Strandveld, a farm with a history dating back to 1742. The name comes from a black rhino skull which was found in the area many years ago and which can still be seen at the Springfield Estate Museum.

The cottages are perfectly modern and offer all of the conveniences to make a stay here both enjoyable and comfortable. Found about 31km away from the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse, guests will need a 4x4 capable vehicle in order to travel along the gravel road leading to the cottages.


Guests are advised to contact the park to find out the condition of the road before they attempt to travel to this accommodation. The journey from the reception to the farm should take about 45 minutes if the road is in a good condition.

This accommodation is serviced every third day and guests will have bedding and towels provided. The keys to the cottage need to be collected and returned to the reception as guests come and go from the cottages.

Power for lighting is supplied by the solar panels while gas is used for hot water, the stove and the fridge.

All in all, this accommodation includes 3 separate cottages, each of which can be booked on their own. Two units can comfortably accommodate 4 guests and one cottage for 2 guests has been adapted for disabled guests.


Rietfontein Guest Cottages

Agulhas National Park, SOUTH AFRICA

The Rietfontein cottages are also located on one of the Strangveld farms and the early inhabitants date back to the late 1700s. The area provides a gorgeous view of the coastline and a historic homestead which has been rebuilt following a fire in 2003 can be seen.

These cottages are about 63km from the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse and guests will need a 4x4 vehicle in order to reach the accommodation. A rough gravel road of about 40km is necessary to travel to get to the cottages.


During the rainy winter, the roads can be badly damaged so it is important to talk to the park officials about the condition of the road before you travel to the park.

This comfortable accommodation is cleaned every third day and basic bedding and towels will be provided. Guests can collect keys from the reception area once they arrive at the park and will need to return the keys before they leave.

All lighting and other energy requirements at the cottage are provided by solar power while gas is used to power the fridge and to provide hot water. The cottages include 4 units with 2 bedrooms each and a barn with 1 two-bedroom unit. The cottages have their own bathroom with a toilet and a shower, and guests who choose to stay in the barn accommodation have access to a large room which is perfect for group gatherings.


Bergplaas Guest House

Agulhas National Park, SOUTH AFRICA

Located on the northern foothills of the Soetanysberg is the Bergplaas Guest House, which was once a stock post in the 1860’s. The original farmhouse was built in the 1950s and then destroyed by a fire. The house was rebuilt later on in a more modern style.The land on which the farm is located was acquired by SANParks in 2000.

This stunning guest house is about 36km from the lighthouse and like the majority of the accommodation in the park, a 4x4 vehicle is needed to get to it.


About 26km of rough gravel road lies between the house and the reception, and during the rainy season (June to August) the road can be in a very bad condition. It is advised that guests contact the park to find out the condition of the road before they head to the park.

The guesthouse offers some of the most awe-inspiring views of the countryside. The guesthouse has 5 bedrooms and 4 of the 5 rooms have their own en-suite bathrooms with either a shower or a bath.



As a part of the all-important Cape Floral Kingdom, the plants found here are truly one of a kind. Some of the vegetation you can expect to see includes Elim fynbos, Limestone fynbos, and Protea obtusifolia. There are also all kinds of indigenous trees.


There are very few land animals living here, but there are quite a few different bird species to be admired. Guests should keep a lookout for dolphins, Cape Fur Seals, southern right whales, and Cape grysbok.

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